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Criminal Advocacy

When someone qualifies as a solicitor they are able to represent individuals or companies in various courts of law. This means that our team of 6 criminal defence solicitors appear in court on a daily basis. 

However, once a solicitor has been qualified for 3 years they are able to apply for rights of audience in the higher courts. That means that they can appear in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal with the same standing as a barrister. 

We have 5 criminal defence solicitors who have achieved the higher rights status and regularly represent defendants in lengthy Crown Court trials and appeals against conviction and/or sentence in the Court of Appeal in London. 

This means that when you instruct the criminal team at Henry Hyams you can be assured of a consistent, team based approach. From the point of arrest until the day of trial we have the ability to prepare your case and present it in the best possible light to the courts.


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