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Civil Advocacy

Civil Litigation covers a variety of areas of law. Any case that is proceeding through the civil courts is likely to be listed for an interim hearing before it reaches the stage where it is listed for a trial. Cases are frequently listed for a Case Management Conference where the court considers how the particular case should be managed by the judge. We will attend at those interim hearings to ensure that someone familiar with your case is able to discuss any issues that arise with the judge. 

When the case reaches the trial or final hearing itself we will advise you of the options available for representation and the person we believe is the best for the job. It may be that your case requires specialist Counsel, or it may be that it is an area that your solicitor specialises in and that Counsel is not therefore required. 

Whatever the case, you can be assured that we will present the argument in the best possible manner on the final day in court.


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